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hey babe!
 thanks for stopping by! we are so happy you are here. before we get started on scheduling an appointment we want to walk you through what your first visit with us will look like. we are always striving to create an unmatched experience for all of our guests in & out of the salon.
WELCOME to Mane Society...

when you walk through the door you will be greeted with a smile by one of our stylists. you can expect the vibes to be on point, the music up beat & plenty of pretty pink things all around. while you get settled in, enjoy one of our specialty drinks or snacks. mimosa anyone?!
next up is our consultation. before you schedule an appointment we'll send you a quick questionnaire to get to know you a bit. during your consultation we'll chat about all the details & create a plan to help you achieve your long term hair goals.
after we have gone over all your goals & we agree on a plan, now it's time to get the party started! while your color is processing, relax with a coffee or catch up on your favorite netflix show on our salon ipad.
last but definitely not least, we will finish up your appointment with a beautiful blowout style & of course some effortless curls. during this time we'll be chatting all about our styling tips & product recommendations so you can recreate the look at home, all while maintaining the life and health of your color and/or extensions.

before we let you go, we have to capture your beautiful transformation with a little photoshoot!

to wrap things up in a pretty pink bow - we'll send you home with the best hair products & get you scheduled for your next appointment to maintain your gorgeous new look!

we can't wait to meet you!!

ready to get started?!

we hope by now you're feeling relaxed & pampered. after all, getting your hair done totally counts as self care! and now for everyone's favorite part: the shampoo. when it's time to rinse your color we'll head over to the shampoo area where you'll receive an incredible scalp massage & you will experience our luxury line of products.
if you're getting a fresh set of our luxury hair extensions, now is the time for your install! get ready for the fuller, longer, pinterest worthy hair of your dreams!
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